My Origin Story

Contrasts, Dreams, Music and Following Joy

Hello and welcome to my website. My origin story is a journey of contrasts, dreams, music and following joy. I was born in Canberra, Australia, to two young hippies who came from different worlds: my mother from Lapland, Finland, and my father from Australia. They were opposites in character and heritage: cold and hot, loud and soft, reflective and action-driven, yin and yang. I inherited a good measure of each.

I was a lucid dreamer from when I was a child. I could control my dreams and explore different realities. I also loved playing soccer, riding my BMX, doing gymnastics, listening to music and roller-skating - it was the 80's after all! I also loved caring for animals. I became vegetarian at 10 and vegan at 21. I haven't eaten animal friends for 35 years.

I was an empath and sensitive person from day one. I could feel what others felt and wanted to help them. I became the school captain of primary then president of high school, I think due to my empathy and kindness towards fellow humans.

I studied music for an hour a day from the age of 6 with the Canberra school of music and turned to song writing as a way to express my emotions at 13. Music was and has always been my passion and my outlet.

I moved to live in the bush with my father for high school on the south coast of NSW. There I learned to appreciate nature and simplicity. I went to two universities: Central Queensland Conservatorium and Southern Cross University to study music composition. I achieved a diploma and a bachelor of arts and won the university award for composition two years in a row.

At university, I realised I lacked boundaries and took on other people's emotions as my own. I started a self-development quest to understand myself and my place within the universe. I read books, meditated, journaled and continued song writing.

I moved to Europe to follow my dream of being a touring musician playing original songs about love and life. I planned to stay 6 months and stayed 14 years in Germany and the UK and toured extensively all over Europe. With my solo, duo, and trio projects and as the lead singer of Dissidenten, a famous world music band. I won an EMI songwriting contest in Berlin. It was an amazing experience playing in front of thousands of people in venues and festivals large and small and on TV and radio. I learned how music is a thread that traverses all cultures and speaks to the heart, even when the language isn't understood.

I've always felt a strong connection to music and creativity, and a desire to help others through my gifts. That's why after moving to the UK and inro a 500 year old heritage cottage covered in vines in Forest Row in Sussex, I decided to write a novel that would inspire people to follow their joy and explore the dimensions of consciousness. My novel, "November Fox - Following Joy", is about a vegan empath orphaned rockstar who finds a mysterious teleporting cube on her doorstep and embarks on an interdimensional adventure.

Writing a novel was not easy. It took me five years of dedication and passion, while I also taught guitar to support myself. I had lived in Europe for 14 years, but I felt the call to return to my homeland of Australia. There, I became the Chief Marketing Officer for Mini Maestros, Australia's longest running provider of music lessons for babies to 5 year olds. I still love this role, as it allows me to share my love of music with the next generation.

I also started writing children's books and founded my own publishing house, "Conscious Fiction". I wanted to create stories that would awaken the imagination and the intuition of young readers. I also launched a company called "IN VEGANS WE TRUST", but I had to close it after two years when I realised I was spreading myself too thin.

I decided to focus my time and energy on supporting empaths like me. Empaths are people who feel deeply and can sense the emotions and energies of others. This can be a blessing, but also a challenge. Empaths need to learn how to protect their energy, set boundaries, and balance their wellbeing. That's why I created the 123 Theory, a simple method that helped me transform my life.

I developed the 123 Theory back in my 20s, when I was struggling with relationships, health, and happiness. The 123 Theory is based on three principles: 1) Your own wellbeing, 2) mutually beneficial relationships, and 3) Positively contributing your skills and passions with the world. By applying these principles to every aspect of my life, I was able to heal myself, attract positive people and opportunities, and fulfil my purpose.

I started sharing the 123 Theory with others through my TikTok channel, my podcast "Empath Unplugged", and my book The 123 Theory. The response has been amazing. I love hearing from fellow empaths who tell me how the 123 Theory has helped them improve their lives and raise their vibrations.

My most recent project is my high-vibe furniture and home décor store for sensitive souls, "Empath Emporium". I believe that our environment affects our energy, and that we can create spaces that support our wellbeing and happiness. Empath Emporium offers products that are hand-picked by me to help elevate your home sanctuary.

I have moved to a semi-tropical island in Queensland, Australia, where I'm building my forever home and an event space next door. I can't reveal too much about it yet, as it's a secret project. But I can tell you that it will be a place where empaths, vegans and kind people can come together, learn, grow, and have fun.

I'm so grateful for the life I have now. I feel holistically healthy and happy, I have mutually beneficial relationships, and I spend my time positively contributing to others. I raise my own vibrations on a daily basis and help others do the same. This is what following joy means to me.

I have my 123 Theory that guides me in life, love and work. It helps me avoid relationships with narcissists, maintain healthy boundaries and pursue my goals. I want to share this theory with other empaths who struggle to thrive in a chaotic world. I want them to raise their vibration and inspire others to do the same. I believe that our subconscious mind is like a neutral soil that grows whatever we plant in it. That's why I try to plant positive seeds every day, weed out the negative ones and follow my joy. I invite you to explore my creative life garden on my website, where you can find various expressions of my intention to help others shine brighter from within. I hope you will discover something that resonates with your own joy and makes the world more radiant for all.

That's my origin story so far. It's a story of contrasts, dreams, music and following joy.


My Creations

The 123 Theory.

An Empath's Guide to Thrive in Life, Love & Work

Empaths are people who can feel and understand the emotions of others. They have a gift of compassion and empathy, but they also face many challenges in life.

One of them is how to balance their own needs and energy with those of others.

That's why I created "The 123 Theory", a blueprint for empaths who want to tap into their wellspring of love and energy and live a sustainable and fulfilling life. The 123 Theory is based on three simple steps:

1. Put yourself first.

This means taking care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It also means setting healthy boundaries and saying no to energy vampires, narcissists and people who drain you. You are not selfish for doing this. You are honouring your worth and your purpose.

2. Connect with others who support you.

This means finding your tribe of like-minded empaths who understand you and appreciate you. It also means having relationships that are mutually beneficial and respectful. You are not alone in this journey. You are part of a community of superheroes.

3. Share your gifts with the world.

This means using your empathy and compassion to make a positive difference in the lives of others. It also means expressing your creativity and passion in whatever way you choose. You are not limited by your sensitivity. You are empowered by it. 

I know this works because I have used it in my own life. I used to be a struggling empath who felt exhausted, used and burned out by giving too much to others and not enough to myself.

But after applying the 123 Theory, I transformed my life and became an amazon best seller, children's book author, empath coach, podcaster, musician and wellbeing event space owner.

Now I help other empaths to do the same.

If you want to use the blueprint to thrive as an empath, I invite you to read or listen to The 123 Theory, and book in a 121 coaching session with me where I will teach you everything you need to know about the 123 Theory and how to apply it in your life.

You deserve to live a life of joy, abundance and purpose.

You are a super empath. 

And the world needs you to thrive.

The Ultimate Destination for High-Vibe Furniture for Empaths and Sensitive Souls.

Whether you need a cozy sofa, a soothing candle, or a vibrant wall art, we have everything you need to elevate your home haven. Our products are designed to help you create a calming yet uplifting & high vibrational home sanctuary where you can detangle from others emotions and replenish your energy.

Our Mission

I created Empath Emporium with a clear mission: to make it easier for Empaths to find sensory pleasing quality items that have depth, beauty and positive vibrations. I handpick each item with care and attention, based on my 123 Theory that helped me elevate my own home sanctuary and thrive as an Empath. I created this shop to help fellow Empaths create a calm and beautiful home sanctuary, and raise the frequencies and energy in their homes.

When it comes to the best location for finding your serenity, detangling from the world, and tapping into your wellspring – There’s No Place Like Home.

I invite you to explore our collection and discover the gems that await you.

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