Esther Bertram


Creative Entrepreneur



With a mother from Finland and father from Australia, I’ve always tended to thrive within the balance of opposites. Yin meets Yang. Reflection meets action. Organic meets technology.

I find bliss in having freedom within frameworks. And more than anything, I love creating things.

I experience myself as a self-motivated, multi-disciplined, creative thinker & doer. I love fast-paced environments and thrive in situations that require solutions.

My extensive international experience and entrepreneurial nature give me the drive to strive for greatness in all that I do in both life and work. I also try to motivate the people around me to reach for the same. This bite for “achievement of potential” is a 7 day a week job! But I love it!

I value honesty, integrity, passion, kindness towards self, others, animals and the planet, and motivation to make the world a better place.

Esther Bertram

The future is determined, by what we create now. 

Let’s enjoy now, while now is here.
From joy, joy is born.

As I have been vegan for 21 years and I have a big passion for tech, community and animals, I’ve recently founded an online vegan platform for vegans called IN VEGANS WE TRUST. This is a full-service vegan hub consisting of a MARKETPLACE | SCHOOL | COMMUNITY | eZine. It’s a place where members can shop, learn, connect, teach, and earn.

I also work as Head of Marketing & Mini Maestros Online for Mini Maestros – Australia’s longest-running provider of music lessons for babies – 5 year old’s, as well as running a small publishing house “Conscious Fiction” whose mission is to help inspire the young people of today, to be the big minds of tomorrow.

Before this, I spent over a decade, living, performing and producing music around Europe, as a professional singer-songwriter. I played many concerts large and small, at festivals and venues, as well as on national TV and radio.

In the not too distant past, I also wrote a novel “November Fox” with added Augmented Reality. Written to bring the ancient wisdom of holistic health into the modern-day, in the form of a sci-fi fantasy novel for teens and adults. The story is about a vegan orphan Rockstar, November Fox, who has to understand the workings of a mysterious teleporting Rubik’s cube that arrives on her doorstep. This is in hardback, paperback and audiobook version. It is my intention to write the 2nd and 3rd part of the trilogy over the coming years.

Some things I love in no particular order…. I deeply love the people in my life, animals, going on adventures, deep talks with friends (about the nature of reality, consciousness, philosophy, relationships, the world and the universe) Netflix in bed on my amazing Tempur mattress, open fires, thunderstorms, games, playing soccer, nature, writing books and music, tofu satay (my naughty version that I only allow myself twice a year at Birthday and Christmas), watching stars in the night sky, Peep Show, learning new things, deep and earthy vegan red wine, rainbows, Body Combat (martial arts based fitness), freshly made juices, sunshine, creamy vegan pasta, drum & bass, saunas and spas, playing concerts, my flannelette pyjamas, problem-solving, vegan craft beer, unicorns, vegan burgers, green rolling hills with intense purple clouds above with a lone sunbeam shining through, laughter, celebrating, holistic health, personal development, lucid dreaming, ALL yummy vegan food, dress-up parties, sunsets and following joy…

I feel fulfilled by being optimised, productive & healthy.