About My Music Journey

A Roller-Coaster Around the Globe

I have a deep passion for creating original and heart-led music about life and love. I studied at the Canberra School of music from the age of 6 and began songwriting when I was 13. I started my adult musical journey at the University, where I studied Composition for four years and received two university awards for my work. After graduating, I moved to Europe with my live electro chill duo Pixiefish, intending to play the festival scene for six months. However, I fell in love with the vibrant and diverse musical culture of Europe and ended up staying for 14 years. During that time, I was the lead singer for the famous world music band Dissidenten, touring all over Europe with them and also with my own duo and trio projects. I recorded, produced and released several albums of original folk and electronic music, exploring different genres and styles. I also collaborated with House DJ Tyree Cooper, produced an album with Producer Keno Hybro and recorded my Tea House album with my university dearest friend and amazing guitarists Charlie Meadows. One of the highlights of my career was winning an EMI song writing competition in Berlin. I was also given the opportunity to showcase my talent on TV and radio. I have played many venues and festivals, large and small, for the 14 years I was in Europe, and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Now I am back in my home country Australia, ready to share my music and experience with new audiences and collaborators. I am working on a new album that is coming to my through my dreams. I have written 6 song so far where I wake up with the melody and some with lyrics, so in the not too distant future my next album will be born. I invite you to explore my music creations below. I also compose songs as gifts for loved ones, so if you want to gift an original song to someone you love, contact me via the contact form and I’ll give you some more information.