Empath Emporium

The Ultimate Destination for High-Vibe Furniture & Home Décor.

My latest venture is Empath Emporium which was created to mirror the depth & beauty of sensitive souls. Helping you to elevate your sanctuary & thrive!

Our Vision & Mission

Empath Emporium is more than a feel-good furniture and decor store. It’s a mission to help you elevate your home frequency so you can radiate more light and strength in the world.

As a fellow empath, I carefully select items to reflect the depth and beauty of your soul. I believe empaths have a unique role in society. We are the ones who can cross what I calls “The Bridges of Empathy” to other people’s emotional islands over the “Ocean of Emotion,” and being bridge dwellers is a powerful role as we are the connectors, lovers and glue. We just need to learn how to not carry back too much baggage aka other people’s emotions when we return to our own island aka Home.

My vision is that the whole world turns up their empathy dials to create a more harmonious and loving life for all. And the empaths have the ability to show others how to do that. But first we need to become more empowered as empaths individually by learning how to put our own needs first, (following The 123 Theory outlined in my book) we have much bigger and more sustainable energy because rather than giving from an endlessly depleting cup, we learn to tap into our wellspring and have an ongoing source.

Part of the process is creating the most beautiful, nurturing, uplifting and high vibrational home space we can.

So I created Empath Emporium with a clear mission: to make it easier for Empaths to find sensory pleasing quality items that have depth, beauty and positive vibrations. I handpicked each item with care and attention, based on my 123 Theory that has helped me elevate me own home sanctuary and thrive as an Empath. I want to share my experience and wisdom with other Empaths who are looking for calm, clarity, and higher frequencies and energy in their homes.

I believe when it comes to the best location for finding your serenity, detangling from the world, and tapping into your wellspring – There’s No Place Like Home.

I invite you to explore our collection and discover the gems that await you.