Conscious Fiction
Wisdom-Infused Books for babies, children & teens.

Conscious Fiction is a small publishing and media creation studio with a focus on creating wisdom-infused books and media. We were originally founded in 2010, to release our first young adult book, β€œNovember Fox – Following Joy.” More recently, we have expanded into publishing books for children of all ages. We currently have picture books for children under the age of 6, a chapter book series for 7-12 (due to be released in 2020) as well as continuing our work on the next book in the November Fox series.

OUR Vision

Our vision is a world where the next generation is maximising the benefits of living in the media era, but minimising the risks, so they have the best chance of growing into their maximum human potential as healthy, happy and thriving beings.

OUR Mission

Our mission is to provide wisdom-infused books, videos, and games that bridge the gap between ancient wisdom of holistic wellness and well-being and modern technology. By planting seeds of consciousness today, we can help inspire the big minds of tomorrow.

OUR Beliefs

We believe that the best way to educate is through entertainment. Through emotionally and mentally engaging books and media and mindful story-telling, we hope to inspire the young people of today to live happier and more fulfilled lives.