E.E Bertram – Author
November Fox | Sci/Fi-Fantasy – Visonary Fiction with Augmeneted Reality.

After a successful kickstarter campaign raising over £11000 November Fox came to life in the larger than A4 hard back version, which comes with 43 hand-drawn illustrations that can be scanned with the Layar app to reveal 3D Interactive objects and take readers further into the story.

Some years later the audiobook was created and in Esther’s opinion really came to life in the format it was born for. This can be listened to without the need of the Augmented Reality layers. Watch the video below for the first 5 minutes of the audiobook, and get it free if it is your first book with Audible!

November Fox, Book 1 Following Joy, is A Metaphysical Visionary Fable in a 3 part series, written by E.E. Bertram. Think you’ve read it all? This inspiring tale of self-discovery will have you thinking otherwise. Into the swirling vortex of wisdom and wonder, you will be drawn – whether you think this is your sort of book or not. You just might find yourself questioning your own perceptions of reality and be left craving more. November Fox will be enjoyed by readers who liked wisdom-filled, visionary fiction fables like “The Alchemist,” the escapism of “Alice in Wonderland” or the Mind-bending nature of the movie “The Matrix.” The Audiobook is Narrated by James Abbott and was recorded by Jason @ Stakeout Studios London

November Fox, (a vegan orphan rockstar), has never even heard of other dimensions when a teleporting magical cube appears on her doorstep. With a hole in her heart and a cosmic identity yet to be discovered, the orphan rock star accepts an invitation to find the key within herself that will unlock the mysteries of form.

Little does she know, The Architect, from the race of philosophical beings who create our world of form, has been watching over her all her life.

Grieving Erica, a teacher and writer from London, finds The Architect’s fascinating letter in a glass bottle washed ashore on Brighton Beach. Pages continue to magically appear as she, too, is compelled to follow November’s quest.

Realities eclipse as we embark on a metaphysical adventure through time and space. November learns that harnessing the power of her mind and heart is fundamental if she wishes to unlock the cube and escape the sometimes sinister, sometimes wonderful dimensions into which she is propelled.

Combining elements inspired by the new thought movement, the law of attraction, magic, mysticism, wisdom, and wonder, November learns that she can use the power of dreaming, imagination, and positive thinking to remake herself and her world.


November Fox – AUDIOBOOK – Book 1. Following Joy. By E.E. Bertram.

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