The Ultimate Vegan Ecosystem


Strengthening Vegan Connections 

Supporting vegan businesses is elemental in building vegan communities. While veganism continues to flourish around the world, the growth can be scattered and, often, quiet. IN VEGANS WE TRUST aims to bring together vegan businesses and vegan individuals in an organised and accessible way. Founder, Esther Bertram, has been vegan for 20 years. She recognised the need for a vegan epicentre to bring the community together, to strengthen the endless good of veganism.

HOW IN VEGANS WE TRUST serves our vegan community

A Mutually-Beneficial Bridge Between Vegan Businesses & Vegans

IN VEGANS WE TRUST is a platform for connection. We all want to buy vegan, but we can’t if we don’t know who and where. IN VEGANS WE TRUST enables vegan businesses to prosper by connecting them with their customers. In turn, customers benefit from the partnerships, with exclusive coupons and special deals. By facilitating a space for connection, the combined force of this increased connection assists the growth of veganism in the wider marketplace. Access, availability and connection are everything!

And More…

If you want to FIND or PROMOTE:

• Vegan Products
• Vegan Services
• Vegan Coupons
• Vegan Deals
• Vegan Events
• Vegan Jobs
• Vegan House-Shares
• Or if you’re looking for the vegan love of your life
• Or if you just want to share your latest vegan recipe, vegan video, vegan audio or vegan article
• Or if you want to chat with other vegans about vegan things…

… then you will benefit from becoming an IN VEGANS WE TRUST member.

Think of us as the all-in-one vegan social and vegan work connection platform.

Not only does this platform enable connections between vegan businesses and vegan individuals, it encourages excellence. Veganism is an ethical stance, which must flow into consuming and business practices, if we are to become a valuable and desirable alternative to mainstream consumerism.

In essence, supporting other vegans, businesses and individuals, is crucial to the health of our vegan community. If you’re a vegan individual, join us. If you’re a vegan in business, join us. If you’re starting a vegan business, join us. As our membership grows, so will the opportunities.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Ⓥ Vision 

A world of ever-increasing kindness towards animals.
A high-thrive & high-vibe society.
A world where the love of all living beings & the planet is prioritised.

Our Ⓥ Mission To provide a space where vegans can thrive through connection, socially, creatively and commercially, enabling us to be greater than the sum of our parts.

Our Ⓥ Promise 

We promise to continually innovate and adapt, to best serve our members.

Our Ⓥ Beliefs

We firmly believe in the strength of unity through connection.

We believe the most impact can come from a large, supportive community.

We believe the vegan diet and lifestyle are best for the welfare of animals,

reducing our environmental impact and for our health.