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I’ve been Vegan for 21 years, and I recognised the need for a vegan epicenter; a place that provides all things vegan to all vegans, but most importantly, a place to build an ethical, sustainable vegan economy.
IN VEGANS WE TRUST is not your typical, run of the mill company. We are a flat-hierarchy, revenue share collective, led by a vegan team of 6 from around the globe, working to bring you a vegan-everything destination where you can shop, learn, connect, teach and earn.


While veganism continues to grow around the world, the growth can be scattered and, often, quiet. IVWT aims to bring together vegan businesses and their customers to create an organised, accessible and much more powerful vegan presence in the broader marketplace.
We all want to buy vegan, but we can’t if we don’t know about it. Enabling businesses to prosper by connecting them with vegans, will help to develop a solid, viable and louder market presence, which is essential to the fundamental appeal and growth of veganism. Availability is everything!
Not only does this platform enable connections with consumers, it encourages competition and increased excellence. Veganism isn’t just about avoiding animal products. Inherent is a higher ethical perspective, which must flow into business practices if we are to become a desirable and valuable alternative to mainstream consumerism. Supporting vegan businesses is elemental in building vegan communities and practices.


We have built the world’s first, veganscape, where vegan individuals and businesses can come together.
When we talk about veganism flourishing, there are many ways for that to process to be accelerated. Veganism can be spread through activism, in real life and in documentaries, through word of mouth, and through the increasingly positive research into the health benefits of veganism, even through the cooking you share. But, unquestionably, the greatest spread comes through the availability of ethically-produced vegan products. Putting a V on it, excludes nobody, but will attract those who are seeking ethical products and want to know that the money they spend will not then go on to support unethical products and practices – this is the vegan economy.


We hold kindness, authenticity, trust, community and positive impact among our core values.


We are here to provide a fun, safe space for vegans to grow as a community.
IVWT is a 24/7 hub that includes a Marketplace, School, Community and eZine where you can buy, sell, learn, teach, connect, network and grow.
Opportunity is waiting!



Prosper in our Marketplace:
We recognise that many vegans would prefer that the money they spend for a babysitter, accountant, or graphic designer goes towards tofu, rather than a meat BBQ! They also want to shop for regular products and services, without having to worry if they are supporting cruel industries. Our Marketplaceplatform will make these kinds of exchanges possible and easy!

Advance through our School:

Teach and learn: vegan to vegan.

Connect through our Community:

We are aware that the true power is within our community and the connections we form. Our Community is where you will find vegans seeking vegan housemates; a job that doesn’t clash with veganism, or events/businesses catering to vegans. Whether you are looking to grow your network or buy second-hand cruelty-free items, that and everything in-between is all here.

And, finally, relax with the IVWT eZine:

Full of vegan stories, helpful insights and tips on how to optimise your work week, the IVWT eZine is an absorbing and inspiring read.

United We Thrive!