Founder & Community Facilitator



The Insel

Escape The Ocean of Emotion and Take Refuge on The Insel

Insel means “Island” in German. The Insel is an online rejuvenation island for empaths – with a physical location opening soon.

Visit our healing shores to access our wellbeing hub & exclusive community for empaths and empaths in business. The Insel provides a needed refuge from the ocean of emotion to rejuvenate, connect and thrive.

Nurture your holistic wellbeing by;

REJUVENATING THE SELF, to feel balanced and strong in Mind, Heart, Body, Soul & Purpose. Taking sensitivity setbacks and converting them into sensitivity superpowers.

CONNECTING WITH FELLOW EMPATHS, to feel supported and empowered. Forming mutually beneficial personal and professional connections. Join the exclusive “Heartbeat” community – a robust social platform for empaths and empaths in business, with standalone app, AKA The Insel Beach Bar!

& THRIVE, to feel optimised. Every aspect of The Insel was created to help you go from surviving to thriving as an empath!

So, take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the tranquillity. Time slows down, on the safe shores of The Insel. It’s an island after all – and islands have the special power to take you to magical places and help you rejuvenate – especially when they were created for sensitive hearts!